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Jan 23, 2013 7:00pm PST
in a year. >>> the house of representatives voted to expand the debt limit. they allowed the government to borrow more money. both chambers of congress have to pass a budget of resolution or else their pay will be withheld until they do so. many spoke against the bill calling it a political gimmick. hairy reed indicated that the senate will pass the bill and the president also said he would not oppose the measure if it reaches his desk >>> a gallery owner may be in hot water after torching an art dismrachlt we'll speak with the artist her. >>> manti te'o broke his silence. his explanation for why things are not adding up in the hoax of his if i can addition girlfriend -- ficticious girlfriend. fictitious girlfriend -- ficticious girlfriend. . >>> medical marijuana activists decided to stand on the sidelines today rather floon test at golden gate law school in san francisco. they protest the appearance of the u.s. attorney. she was a no show. haj's efforts have shut down no word on why she danz tend. >>> water shed moment for women in the military. leon panetta have decided too allow fem
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
the default financiers. >>> many appreciated his talk of smaller, leaner government. >>> the real question is, how is his red rick going to be matched hup -- rhetoric going to be matched up by his actions. >>> the 74-year-old governor summed up his speech by saying california is back. >>> the latest job data say number of people seeking unemployment benefits has dropped. >> in just the last 2 minutes we saw former republican national committee chair michael steal. he was here in this area. he just walked into the gold en goldenigate ball room . labor expects say today's employment numbers are a step in the right direction -- golden bait ball room. >> the bay area newest 24-hour fitness is preparing to open its doors at walnut creek. >> we have 70 employees that we've hired for this location and so it's giving us the opportunity to spur some of the economic growth. >>> new hires, job less claims dropped to 330,000, the lowest since 2008. >> east bay works say 1 stop career center in conford. >> there's 45,000 unemployed people. >> the national numbers are encouraging says paul. >> feels like w
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
of the courthouse. the federal government evicted them from the long time home at the point rays seashore back in november. they want the area returned to the natural wilderness state. the owner sued challenging the eviction. the judge decided to take the issue under advisement. >>> the new chief of police says a new project is moving forward. the chief says that the department is contracted a vendor and waiting for an estimate. the crew spent the day talking to residents and could not find one opinion who rejected to the idea of being recorded. the police department says the city cameras solved one burglary case in the past two years they have been operational. >> a good man, good paramedic, goodfellow. >>> new information boy brian stow. a set back in his rehabilitation. the steps parents can take to raise their children's iq. >>> i'm back here in just 10 minutes. the weekend is here. showers in the forecast. we will lay out what you can expect. what days will be the driest. see you back here >>> passenger caught these images of lightning striking the jet. you can see sparks firing. and then
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3